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Garden office with electrics

Garden office with electrics
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Insulated Garden Office with Electrics: A Modern Workspace Solution

As the world shifts towards remote work, the demand for dedicated workspaces within the home environment has grown. An insulated garden office with electrics offers the perfect solution, combining functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Overview of Insulated garden office

These standalone structures, nestled within the garden’s confines, are designed to provide a serene workspace. Equipped with insulation and essential electrical fittings, they promise year-round comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of Insulated garden office

  • Separation of work and personal space.

  • Enhanced productivity in a distraction-free environment.

  • Increased property value.

  • Customizable to fit individual preferences and needs.

Unique Design for You

The design of a garden office plays a pivotal role in its appeal and functionality. From roofing choices to door designs, every element can be tailored to one’s liking.

  • Pent Roof.
    A pent roof offers a sleek, modern design, ensuring efficient water runoff and adding a contemporary touch to the garden office.
  • UPVC French Double Doors and Side Screens. High-quality UPVC double glazed French double doors not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure energy efficiency. Complemented by side screens, they allow abundant natural light, fostering a vibrant workspace.

Groundwork Solutions

The foundation of the garden office is crucial for its stability and longevity. Various groundwork solutions cater to different garden terrains and individual preferences.

  • Concrete or Paving Slab Base.
    This traditional method offers a robust foundation, ensuring the garden office stands firm for years.
  • Ground-Screws with a Timber Frame.
    Ground screws, known for their efficiency, provide a stable base without extensive digging or concrete pouring. They are an easy and efficient solution for most cases.
  • Suspended Floors on Piles.
    For gardens with uneven terrains, suspended floors on piles are ideal. They guarantee that the garden office remains level and stable.
  • Timber Decks Above Ground Level.
    Timber decks, apart from providing a solid foundation, add an aesthetic touch. They seamlessly blend the office with the natural surroundings.


Customization is at the heart of an insulated garden office. From doors to cladding, the choices are vast, ensuring the office resonates with one’s style and needs.

  • Door Design
    Whether it’s sliding doors, bi-fold doors, or traditional French doors, each design brings its unique charm and functionality.
  • Cladding
    Options range from classic timber to contemporary composite materials, allowing the garden office’s exterior to match the home or garden’s theme.
  • Colours
    With two distinct colour options for doors and windows, and additional choices for handles and hinges, the customization possibilities are endless.
  • Internal Finish
    The internal finish, with plaster skimmed walls and ceilings, offers a traditional ‘home-like’ appearance, making the space inviting and cozy.
  • Size
    Whether it’s a compact nook for solo tasks or a spacious office for collaborative work, size customization ensures the garden office caters to all requirements.

Efficient Power Supply

Electrical efficiency is paramount in a modern workspace. The garden office’s power supply is designed to support BS7671 standards, ensuring safety and functionality.

  • Support for BS7671 standards. Adhering to these standards ensures that the electrical installations in the garden office are safe, reliable, and efficient. It guarantees peace of mind and optimal performance.
  • All-Inclusive ‘Turnkey’ Solution. We aim to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. Our all-inclusive ‘turnkey’ solution ensures that every aspect, from site survey to installation, is handled with expertise.
  • Site Survey. Our professionals conduct a comprehensive site survey, assessing the garden’s conditions and offering tailored recommendations.
  • Qualified Installation Team. Our team of experts ensures the garden office is set up to perfection, meeting all safety and quality benchmarks.
  • Plaster Skimmed Walls and Ceiling. A smooth, traditional appearance is achieved with plaster skimmed walls and ceilings, enhancing the interior’s elegance.
  • Digital Electric Radiators. Stay comfortable with our state-of-the-art digital electric radiators. They promise energy efficiency and precise temperature control, ensuring a cozy workspace in all seasons.

Insulated garden offices with electrics are the epitome of modern workspace solutions. They offer a blend of comfort, efficiency, and style. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, these offices are the answer. With extensive customization options, quality materials, and an all-inclusive approach, your dream garden office awaits.

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