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At Trident Modular, we pride ourselves on style. That’s why we offer four popular interior design styles for you to choose from. Additionally, you can request a custom interior design tailored to your unique personality and aspirations.

The designs below are free or charge

If you choose to go with any of those designs for your Trident Modular House, you will not be charged for Interior Design. Only bespoke Interior Design is charged separately.



Why do people like minimalistic style?

Those who embrace the “less is more” mentality tend to gravitate towards minimalism. They appreciate practicality and prefer to surround themselves with only the essentials, avoiding flashy and ostentatious designs.


Minimalist design can help you live a simpler, more fulfilling life. In a world dominated by technology and social media, a minimalist space supports your goals and allows you to live life on your own terms.

Why do people like minimalistic style?

If minimalism resonates with you and aligns with your preferences, contact us at Trident Modular. We’ll help you create the perfect minimalist space to suit your needs.

Quick turnarround
One of our main USPs is the fact that we have very quick turnaround times – ranging from a couple of weeks to a maximum of 2 months, but that varies depending on the project itself and its complexity.
Incredible pricing without compromising quality

Another reason why we are so confident in our Modular houses is because we do not compromise on quality. We use only the best quality materials for our projects while also having a cost-cutting system in place that keeps our costs down so we can also keep our prices down for our customers.

Hassle free

Usually setting up a Modular house includes a lot of active work from the customer’s end. With us, that is all taken care of by our Building experts – you just get updated on where we are with your order as we collect all the information we would need at the beginning of our work together.

A - Z Project Delivery

We handle the entire process from beginning to end, from the moment we speak for the first time, to when your modular house is fully assembled and ready for use. We cover the design, manufacturing, logistics, and assembly – so you don’t have to worry about it, just enjoy the process of getting your dream home.

Assemble by yourself
We offer the option of Self Assembly for all our modular houses, so if you want to assemble it by yourself, or with your own team, just let us know – that would change the price straight away.
Offsite methodology reduces construction waste by up to 80% 97% of our construction waste is recycled Factory controlled fit out leads to more efficient use of materials Typically a 50% CO2 savings – for example, Heriot Watt University have conducted research on Greenford Quay with regard to CO2 savings. The findings show the CO2 savings due to Tide and Vision’s modular technology on this scheme is equivalent to over 160,000 trees being planted.

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Family House 60
Granny Annex 44
The Urban Loft Cube

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