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Our solution

Our solution

With Trident Modular, you have two options – Base and Turnkey.

Use the Slider visualisation below to gain a better understanding of what those options include.

Urban TRIM gips Urban TRIM turnkey

Base solutionflat packed. 

On the left, you have our Base option, which includes the building you have chosen, be that a bespoke model, or one of our Off-the-shelf models, delivered flat-packed to your chosen address.

This package only includes the building’s external finish, just as you see it on our website (with small changes that are subject to negotiation – please feel free to ask), but without any internal finishes aside from Plasterboard on the walls. There is no plasterboard on the ceiling as it gets damaged during transportation and so we have decided to install it on site. 

The Base package also does not include any type of flooring (vinyl, laminate etc.) – the floor would be OSB board, on which you can then add whatever flooring you wish. 

This package also does not include the foundation required for the house – the foundation is subject to a site survey as we need to determine what would be best – Ground screws or Concrete, and of course take your preference into consideration.  


Turnkey solution

On the right side, you can see our Turnkey solution that includes everything “from foundation to key”. 

  • We supply the foundation – either Concrete or Ground screws, depending on what is the best solution for your project. 
  • We supply the house – flat packed. 
  • We assemble the house.
  • We fit out the house completely – including taping, jointing, skirting, tiling, painting, flooring etc.
  • We do the electrical wiring – supply and install.
  • We do the plumbing – supply and install.
  • We install the bathroom and shower/bath tub.
  • We install the heating system, depending on what you have chosen ( air source heat pump, electric radiators, individual wall heating units etc).
  • We complete the Interior design, just as you told us you wanted it at the beginning.
  • We install the kitchen and the kitchen appliances.
  • You get your keys and you are ready to move in!

At Trident Modular, we are committed to redefining the standards of sustainable living. Our modular homes are not just homes, they are a testament to our dedication towards an eco-friendly future. Here’s how we make a difference:

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

  • 7.5 Times More Energy Efficient: Our homes are designed to be remarkably energy efficient, providing on average 7.5 times more energy efficiency compared to standard homes. This extraordinary efficiency is a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainable living.
  • EPC A-Rated: Each Trident Modular home proudly boasts an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) A-rating. This rating is a testament to our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency, ensuring lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint for our homeowners.

Environmentally-Friendly Living

  • Fully Sustainable: We believe in harmony with the environment. Our homes are fully environmentally friendly, made with sustainable materials, and designed to minimize environmental impact. By choosing Trident Modular, you are not just selecting a home, you’re making a statement for the planet.

Innovation at Its Core

  • Patented Technology: Our patented technology sets us apart from the rest. It is the backbone of our unique offerings, allowing us to provide unparalleled solutions in modular housing.
  • Off-The-Shelf and Bespoke Models: Whether you are looking for a ready-made solution or a custom-built dream home, we cater to all your needs. Our off-the-shelf and bespoke models are crafted with precision and designed to meet your every expectation.

Choose Trident Modular

  • When you choose Trident Modular, you choose a future of sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly living. Our innovative approach and patented technology provide solutions that no other modular housing company can match. Welcome to the future of housing, and welcome to Trident Modular.

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