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Country House 63

With its meticulous design and layout, our “Country House 63″delivers both comfort and convenience. Its open plan configuration and large windows invite an abundance of natural light, cultivating a warm and pleasing ambience. By evening, these same windows frame the stunning backdrop of magnificent sunsets. The tranquil interiors, further enhanced by the subtle aroma of natural wood and the freshness of clean air, provide an ideal setting for restful sleep or focused productivity.

Make your modular home uniquely yours by adding a customized terrace as a standalone option, elevating both style and functionality. Enhance your modular home with a customized terrace as a separate option, with pricing calculated independently and not included in the home’s base cost, adding both style and functionality to your living space.

Crafted with an unerring selection of eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology, the Trident 63 bungalow prioritises both environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, without compromising on aesthetic excellence. Due to its modular frame technology, it maintains structural integrity and resilience against environmental factors, promising durability and comfort for more than 50 years with proper care. Its thermal properties ensure a cool haven in the summer and a cosy retreat in the winter.

From: £47250
Technical details​
Building area
Internal area
Terrace area
Angle of roof pitch
Number of floors
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
7-9 days
Choose your own External or Internal finish
Country House 63
False Timberfalse timber texture

Metal metal texture

Brick metal texture
Laminated Chipboard ldsp texture

under concrete | under a wooden panel

False Timber false timber texture


Dyeing in NCSdeying
  • NCS - S 0300-N
  • NCS - S 2010-Y10R
  • NCS - S 4005-Y80R
  • NCS - S 3030-R80B
OSB osb texture

What is a bungalow?

Bungalows, a favoured architectural design, epitomise simplicity and functionality. As single-story dwellings, they offer easy accessibility, ideal for seniors, families with young children, or those with mobility concerns. Their low-pitched, gabled or hipped roofs contribute to an open, spacious feel while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

сountry house 63
сountry house 63

Benefits of bungalow.

Notable features include wide overhanging eaves, offering shade and elemental protection, particularly beneficial in regions with harsh climates. Bungalows often incorporate verandas or porches, augmenting living space and fostering a connection with the outdoors. Internally, their open floor plans maximise space utilisation, encouraging social interaction with minimal dividing walls. Bungalows prioritise practicality, often exhibiting unpretentious designs, perfectly balancing comfortable living and aesthetic appeal.

Technical Specifications

The walls are made from a wooden frame using studs with a cross-section of 35 x 95mm. These are fully insulated to save energy. All timber cladding has a six-layer protection process.
The flat  roof is made from 35 x 120-190mm timber joists with mineral wool insulation. A damp-proof membrane layer protects the unit from rain and bad-weather conditions. In the case of a single-pitched or double-pitched roof, soft bitumen or profiled metal tiles can be used in the construction of the roof.
floor structure
Trident’s floor structure consists of 35 x 95mm timbers,  reinforced with OSB boards with E1-emission class and insulated with 100mm of non-combustible basalt mineral wool. The insulation also includes a Moisture protection membrane.
Due to its lightweight construction, a Trident modular garden house can be installed in any garden or any soil type using concrete foundation or Ground screws. A minimal concrete foundation supports the structure of the unit.
Ventilation Performance
The base version of the modular housing operates passively with natural ventilation. Mechanical HRV systems and HEPA filters can also be installed if needed to improve air circulation and lower the risk of airborne bacteria transmission.
Quick turnarround
One of our main USPs is the fact that we have very quick turnaround times – ranging from a couple of weeks to a maximum of 2 months, but that varies depending on the project itself and its complexity.
Incredible pricing without compromising quality

Another reason why we are so confident in our Modular houses is because we do not compromise on quality. We use only the best quality materials for our projects while also having a cost-cutting system in place that keeps our costs down so we can also keep our prices down for our customers.

Hassle free

Usually setting up a Modular house includes a lot of active work from the customer’s end. With us, that is all taken care of by our Building experts – you just get updated on where we are with your order as we collect all the information we would need at the beginning of our work together.

A - Z Project Delivery

We handle the entire process from beginning to end, from the moment we speak for the first time, to when your modular house is fully assembled and ready for use. We cover the design, manufacturing, logistics, and assembly – so you don’t have to worry about it, just enjoy the process of getting your dream home.

Assemble by yourself
We offer the option of Self Assembly for all our modular houses, so if you want to assemble it by yourself, or with your own team, just let us know – that would change the price straight away.
Offsite methodology reduces approximately 80% – 97% waste from our constructions Factory controlled fit out leads to more efficient use of materials Typically a 50% CO2 savings – for example, Heriot Watt University have conducted research on Greenford Quay with regard to CO2 savings. The findings show the CO2 savings due to Tide and Vision’s modular technology on this scheme is equivalent to over 160,000 trees being planted.

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